Daily Prompt 6

Today’s prompts are – Cobalt – Sultana (title) – Fork Lift – Archaeologist –  an engagement

These are some lovely prompts, giving me a few ideas again.  Now remember to look up images of these things to help you come up with story ideas if you are struggling to think of anything.

Now you are probably thinking how can these word prompts be lovely?  What kind of a story can I make there?  Well, though the other day I said I didn’t like to think too much on these prompts as I am overloaded with writing projects already, I will tell you a couple of things that have come to my mind with these words.

Don’t always think of the Sultana (the wife of a Sultan) is always young, no!  With these prompts I am getting a much more mature Sultana image and she is concerned about giving her son a wonderful engagement present.  She knows that an archaeologist nearby is digging near an old cobalt mine and she comes to an agreement with him to find the best quality cobalt and cobalt workers to make a gift for her to give to her son; or perhaps steal a beautiful item from their ancestral graves? She will pay him handsomely after all. But in Story Land that never happens easily does it?  Now how can you make something like this more exciting?

Another idea is that an archaeologist finds the burial site of a dead Sultana and it is beautifully decorated with lots of cobalt jewellery, pots and designs.  But a drunken assistant causes a lot of problems when he accidentally sets off his fork lift truck full speed ahead and smashes the lot, causing huge troubles for the archaeologist in not just being likely to lose his job, but also by upsetting the spirit of the Sultana herself.

See, there is a lot to play with here.

Now go and have fun.

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