Birds and Gothic

I have signed up for the RSPB bird identification survey, it’s meant to be done this weekend but yesterday I forgot and today the world outside seems devoid of birdlife except for one pigeon that’s sitting on the spinney.
We bought a bird feeder yesterday and hung it in our lilac bush in the front garden because the most comfortable place to watch birdlife from our house is the living room. Despite the berry bushes we have in the back garden, berberis, blackberry, hawthorn and holly. Thing is, the dining room is in my opinion the most dismal, cold and uncomfortable room in the house and it’s always dark!
We get all day sun in the living room and the front bedrooms, so cooking in the kitchen and being in the dining room is usually best avoided by me. Which is quite funny when you look at it from my past perspective – as a teenager I was nicknamed the vampire as I would literally shut myself away on a sunny day and dress in black! Now here I am nearly 35 and I am chasing the sun!
Talking of vampires, I am absolutely in love with Damon Salvatore’s eyes. If you don’t know who Damon Salvatore is, he is a vampire character from a television series called ‘The Vampire Diaries’, a program of which I have been trying to watch back to back since November.
Though I am no longer seriously gothic, I still have a passion for vampires. I love vampires, vampires are my life – I love reading about them, learning about the mythology, watching movies or programs with them in it – I love gothic art, especially by artists such as Anne Stokes and I buy anything I can that is gothic. I do not like skulls or skeletons though, or anything depicting eyeballs, unless of course it’s the lucky protective charm of the evil eye or the eye of Horus, because they protect you from evil.
Anyway, getting back to the birds – I suppose I will have to do this survey tomorrow, the birds don’t seem active. I’ve been sitting around since 1pm looking for them, it’s cloudy, dark, rainy, and misty, with signs of fog – I don’t think they’re interested in the rosehips and seeds in the front garden today. We have a lot of seeds in the garden, natural ones – like nigella and aquilegias, whether they eat those or not, I haven’t a clue, but we have some shop bought seeds for them in a feeder.

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