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Who am I?

Know me and the way I am,

I am the ocean,

I am the sands

 I am the sky

 I am the birds,

I am the beast

 I am all words.

I can love and I can hate,

I can kill and create,

I am something and I am not,

I am cold and I am hot.

I am life and I am death,

I am the wine,

I am the bread.

I am wet and I am dry,

I am the hills,

who am I?..…God!

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Banana Song

I am a banana, I live in the Bahamas!
I live up high in a pseudo tree, waiting for somebody to come and pick me!
I am bright and yellow.
But where the picker takes me I just do not yet know!

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Thinking about selling my art


Tina Cousins 2015

Tina Cousins 2015



One thing I have never done before – selling my art.  I wouldn’t know how much I am worth, therefore I will put up a poll for individual pieces and I really would appreciate some help in pricing my work.  Each poll lasts only for 7 days, please be absolutely honest in your reply.

Thank you

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