A loss of faith

I lost my faith in being a good enough writer and updating this blog around May 2014 based purely on the daily viewer count I thought I was getting – which was something like one new viewer a week; however, a friend of mine taught me that I can find out how many regular viewers I get each day and this has given me back my confidence. At a guess I would have said I have around four to seven regular viewers, but my friend told me that I actually have forty.

Since giving up on the blog I have been very active at some Facebook writer groups, which has been giving me the urge to write again. I have made some fabulous friends there and many of them are nagging me to update my blog daily because they believe I have talent I am wasting; though personally I think there are better writers out there than me and I don’t find myself very original – they’ve demanded I stop being modest immediately, so here I go – updating again.

I know I am not very good at punctuation and possibly grammar, but I fully intend to start a course next summer to help with all that, as it does affect my confidence.

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