Go ahead, call me out – I write about Vampires and Romance and I’ll kick your ass!

Vampire Maman

Alright, I have to admit I wrote that headline to get your attention.

I should have written “Haters are going to hate” or “Read whatever you want – I don’t care.”

This morning I glanced at an article on a well-known news website about Romance writers. It was interesting. It was fun. The writer mentioned the male models who grace the covers with their splendid bodies. Fun stuff. At least it was fun until I scrolled down to all of the rude and snarky comments from those who “don’t like romance.”

OK assholes, if you don’t like Romance DON’T READ IT. If you don’t like Vampires, Erotica, Popular Fiction, Mysteries, Suspense, Zombies, Ghosts, Westerns, Werewolves, Dragons, Fantasy, Time Travel, Medical Drama, Travel Logs, Lumberjack Drama, Amish Adventures, Magical Realism or any other genre type of book then DON’T READ IT.”

I have a secret for you…all the stuff you…

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2 responses to “Go ahead, call me out – I write about Vampires and Romance and I’ll kick your ass!

  1. Thank you for reposting. I’m honored.

    • you’re welcome, I get a lot of stick whenever I talk about writing new vampire stories because a lot of people have got fed up with vampires since twilight and True blood has been written. Unfortunately I must admit I do tend to write about vampires in a very Anne Rice light but with extra twists and I have to admit I don’t tend towards romance – but that’s just me. As you say, if everybody in the world was the same, it’d be boring.

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