ethical vampire

I once knew a vampire who couldn’t accept the kill

Always sat back thoughtfully, making himself ill

He called himself an ethical vampire

That all others should aspire, to refrain from the killing of mortal men

Yet to him I lift the pen

And wrote to him this


To kill for your nourishment may not be bliss, but read my words carefully and listen to this

There are beasts in the world that kill like you do, and mortal men eat meat just as you used to

Therefore what’s the difference, between now and then?  Other than the blood you take’s fresher

Is it because you’ve seen its life end?


He replied after a while and a letter I received

It said, thank you my dear for clarifying this fact

You’ve made me less anxious in the killing act

Now away I will go, into the night

I will now have my first guiltless bite

I never heard from him again, but I have heard from another vampire friend that he is quite well

And growing strong, and has always said he’ll remember me in fond

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