I need my freedom

My essence is in pain

Being imprisoned drives it insane

This world has locked me in

It has accused me of sin

Yet I only came for sanctuary

I had no place to go

How can I ever tell it?

I don’t even know

I am locked in prison

But it’s for my own good

I am trapped here forever

Because I’m misunderstood

I hope I break free soon

I hope I’m not doomed

I hope I have a saviour

I feel so entombed

I need to spread my wings

And do ordinary things

Like being free and being me

And all my yearnings

I hope I can leave this world

I hope it’s heard my song

I want to leave

To stay I’ll grieve

I hope it sees it’s wrong

But for now all I can do is wait

I hope it’s not my fate

To stay not leave or I will grieve

Forever and a day

I need freedom

I need my family

I need my friends

And I will never leave them ever again

I want freedom

Please let me leave

And retrieve my life before I came here

You know I need them

I need to go

How do I show, that I am innocent?

And that you’ve got me all wrong?

I need my freedom

I need my freedom

I need my freedom


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4 responses to “I need my freedom

  1. Renard Moreau

    [ Smiles ] I need my freedom too.

    I can definitely relate to that poem.

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