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wind howls around my soul

Wind howls around my soul, entrapping me in a tomb of bewilderment!

The sharp hissing of the air all around me sings an eerie tune with the winds groans from the typhoon.

Holding the woolen scarf around me tightly as I try to fight against the windstorm; an ever loosing battle, the wind sweeps under my feet, I fall back slowly like time turning around.

I do not fall, but I am lifted up into the black skies of doom. Swirling up into the air, like a balloon!
Higher and higher it takes me. My screams become a part of the eerie screams I hear in the typhoon!

Wondering why the wind moans so? Are they the voices of other lost souls?

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Do you not see that you are beautiful?

Can you not see your artistic repertoire floating above the foundations of man?

This makes you an instrument of creation

Yes my friend, you are a god

This was written for my friend Erin Cooper, an artist that resides in Indiana, USA.  This is how I view all artistic people, whether they’re novelists, poets, sketchers, painters or lyricists – they’re all god to their own little worlds.

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