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lego hair

My son is my inspiration

He is totally mad

Holding my hair up with lego bricks is how he’ll have me clad

After doing my hairstyle, in a rocket we will go

Flying through the universe to find aliens with pink toes

This is life with Henry

My son who’s conceptual

I’m writing this whilst lego bricks are gripping at my skull


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will you accept?

The wine from your veins is sweet

To me this is a rare old treat

For wine is usually metallic

To drink it, I like to be quick

Though no real nourishment I get

For your wound I closely vet

That your health is waning away

So I’ve more or less saved the day

I drink from you my mortal

But I offer you another realmly portal

Will you accept it or not?

Or will you choose your life to rot?

I offer you eternal life

Will you accept this other life?

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mossy woodland 26/10/2013

The mossy forest is my home, the earthy smells and the earthy tones

I love the damp, the waterfalls, and the fallen trees where creatures crawl

I ponder matters of life in here

I love this forest so very dear

I trudge on past endless wooded beasts

Smelling their fragrance, in awe of their wreath

I am at home here in my wood

I would always stay here if I could


Poem not based on any particular woodland, I love mossy forests and woodlands, especially if they have some kind of water feature.  I suppose this woodland is of imagination, perfect in every way and if I could find such a place, I think I’d very seldom leave it.

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