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problem with monogamy

The cupids are arguing about the matters of my heart

Who shall I fall in love with? Where should I start?

There’s many a potential lover for me, all are nice as nice can be

It’s a sweet shop for me right now, who should I choose? Or should I continue to prowl?

I love each of my dears almost equally, my heart’s been unlocked, and they’ve all got a key

Maybe monogamy isn’t my way, should I have them all and risk some will stray?

I need their love and I need their care, I need to know they’ll always be there

But I fear they will leave me, get bored with the wait

As I sit back and wonder who’s a mistake?

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mortal shell

Will the effects be long lasting?

Will I end this spell?

Will I be immortal again?

I cannot really tell.

All I know is I’m weeping

Living in a mortal hell

I always sit and wonder

When is there an end to this mortal shell?

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