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English Bull Terrier

A dog draw with chalk pastels.

A dog draw with chalk pastels.

This was drawn with chalk pastels and is an English Bull Terrier, unfortunately I’ve been unable to afford fixative for this picture so I have left it on standby in the spare room until I can afford it next month.

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I shall save them

I’ve seen innocence distorted by the pains of their past

Little children with angel faces, ruined, their expressions turned to glass

Their eyes like lost souls call out to me in their hell…

They say…

Hello, is anybody out there?  Please tell

Fading dreams of hope wrap around them till they choke

Contorted they maintain hardness to the world around them

I shall answer their prayers and their pain I shall end

I am the mother of mercy and I hear their little cries

I will come to save them; I will bring a sun to their skies

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