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dragon picture oct 2013

do not copy

do not copy

I have been practising art a lot lately and got into water colors, though this is not a water color it is something I’ve done this week.  There will be more pictures coming up soon, but for now this dragon was drawn with a HB pencil and then to finish I used a permanent marker to make it stand out more and a colored pencil for the tongue and eye.

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love that’s close to creeping

I see my heart is weeping for the future’s secret meeting of a fate that’s broken into half

I cannot stop the beating or the love that’s close to creeping, I can only sit and watch life’s choreograph

And though I know it will pain me I can’t stop this action mainly for it will come and the pain it’s due to last

It comes to all eventually a love that’s lost and mentally, you’ll learn to cope and realize that your life’s a blast

For when you find another, someone loyal you can smother you will no longer be downcast

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