Daily Archives: September 22, 2013

part of me

There’s a dragon in me that’s snoring

Its energy it is storing

Its story has yet to be told

For now it is napping

 But its mind is gently tapping

Beyond the realms of norm

When she awakes a fire she makes

Within each breath she breathes

I cannot tell when she’ll come

But she’s always a part of me

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reality come to check

So near and yet still so far

I’ve a long way to get home

I cannot tell how far it is

So until then I’ll have to roam

I seek home here and I seek home there

Where there are better days

I need my reality to come to check

I feel like I’m in a craze

What am I and who will I be?

That’s the question now

Maybe I will find out some day

But until then I’ve much to plough

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