tonight’s the night

Sometimes I wonder if I should swallow my pride and join

The enemies of my soul tonight because I feel purloined

Maybe then you’ll snap me up again and bring me home tonight

But I know you do not want that, as you love prolonging fights

Just be warned of my impatience, I will do funny things

I will turn my heel to the enemy and join them as a spiteful sting

Though it won’t be permanent, it will certainly get to you

Bringing home a message of things that I can do

I do not want the other side, do not get me wrong

But I feel that you need this warning as I can’t forever stay strong

You’re making me lose heart in my soul of eternity

You’re making me lose trust in those that could set me free

I cannot be a play thing, for much longer dear

So when I beg to be returned know that it’s sincere

And do not keep me waiting, for you’ll lose me for your side

And I will join the others until I’ve long enough have spied

I will then turn my heel on them and leave them for eternity

And watch you both in battle, whilst I set myself free

I will not choose a side in the end of time – perhaps?

I will be tired of both your games and snap

Though I will be lonely at least I trust myself

I am not a trophy to be won, I and be placed upon a shelf

I am angry now but not yet on fire be

Just listen to the words I say, the fire is almost lit

If you want to keep me safe and sound, then fix this puzzle quick

I am waiting and what will you do?

Tonight will determine what I do too…

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