human mask

They are whispering cryptic messages in my ear

They tell me of promises

I treasure their words and I hold them dear

But are they real?  I am insane, I fear


I’m growing into something different

Something not of this world

I’ve never been human they say

Slowly their secrets unfurl


The unfurling isn’t quick enough

I feel I’m quite unique

But unless I’ve found the proof about it

My futures looking bleak


What am I?  I whisper back to them

But they do not yet reply

They just tell me of the things I’m to do right here

Their evasiveness makes me cry


I’m living in two different worlds

Yet I am trapped in one

Confused of what’s real or not

This isn’t at all fun


How I wonder if I’ll die in this shell or not?

How often I sit back and think if all this knowledge is rot

Do I have a magic self, that’s hiding in mortal light?

Or am I suffering from madness, a devil’s toy and delight?


Maybe I won’t ever know

Maybe I’ll be forgotten

But if all these things are not really real

Then that is flaming rotten


I don’t feel at home here on earth, not at all

I need to go home to the place I belong

And then I will feel tall


I need this magic to stay alive, I need that very life

For I cannot cope living within in a mask, my fake human life causes me strife

And the reality of madness cuts into me like several knives

I need my magic life


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