arranged to meet my dreams today

My dreams and I have arranged a meet

But it didn’t happen today

For I knew they were there as they were calling to me

I was by the spinney and they were far from me

By the canal they say, that’s where we are today

Where there’s a little moon and a liner

I couldn’t get there as there’s a block at the quarry

To walk there I’d have to walk two miles around

I believe they’re a dream, so I didn’t act like a clown

I did ask if they’d come to my little place, but they didn’t answer, I feel disgraced

For thirty minutes I walked up and down, past the same old trees

Sending messages from my brain, to my dreams… silly me

Collecting acorns with my son, I am chasing dreams am I dumb?

They said they’d convince me that they were real; I only wished they would, but they haven’t come still

I will go home, give lunch to my boy , I’ll try another day perhaps – maybe then I’ll get some joy?

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