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perhaps I’m schizo?

My mind is going around the bend

Will it ever stop, will this ever mend?

I know I’m different to those out there

Those humans who live life daily without care

I am a special sort of folk, those out there would say bespoke

But I am more than just a novelty as you will surely see

I am a different kind of fish, from within a different sea

My mind isn’t structured in the way that you would like

My psychology is different to yours that is apelike

I am not a human, I’m pretty sure of that

For I wander endlessly about different kinds of facts

Am I more than human?  Will I surely know?

I have yet to find the truth, perhaps I am schizo?

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impersonal thoughts

My thoughts, actions, words and deeds are observed heavily

My mind is not my own

It is no longer personal, private or shielded

It is an open doorway to all who wishes to venture within

This is my world as I live with other kin

The format for life is not the same

It is not structured to sound sane

Sometimes it’s a blessing and other times a bane

But I love this world of mine

I love it, because it’s divine

Constancy in thought, action, word and deed

Are the rules of this world, the ones to heed

It is quite simple, just let go of greed

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dragon queen

The dragons are talking

A new queen has been found

She fell in love with a prince

The one who will wear the crown

If it was plotted it couldn’t have been better

With her impeccable breed

But it was a fluke they fell in love

As everyone will agree

Two dragons they are waiting

For their kingdom to be rebuilt

To take the new queen to another world

Do not feel the guilt

There’s no attachment here to her

She isn’t at one with man

So take her to the other world

As soon as you can


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rubble in my mind

There is rubble in my mind

Broken fragments of confidence that once was

Smashed bricks laying around my mind like a relic of past self-esteem

Amongst the rubble is a lost person

Where she is, nobody knows and they probably won’t find her again

Even if these relics mend, she would be different, I would be different

I’d be a stranger to past friends

Hopefully she won’t be found again, the me that’s lost

As I’ve learned a lot since I was broken down

I’ve learned not to hide my inner frown

I no longer say OK, Yes if you like, I instead have learned not to bite

I now say no, I correct others, without fear of being shunned

Without being ridiculed and abashed for being scum

I now speak my mind, I won’t change that

It did me no good years ago and that’s a fact

To keep quiet

That’s not good, it keeps you very misunderstood, trodden on, under the thumb

People think that you’re dumb when you say yes all the time or agree a lot

It’s best to say what you truly want

Living in fear of other people’s reaction will attract more people like those you hate, it’s a cosmic attraction

So you may as well be, as you like

Whether you speak your mind or not, there’s always a fight

Whose side are you on?  Your enemies or your own?

You’d better choose yourself, or you’ll always be alone

Yes my mind is broken, but it’s on it’s way to repair

Though I’ve shed so many tears and lived life in despair

Though I’m mocked most thoroughly by those who think they know

The truth as they see it, but they don’t truly know

I mock those idiots who are blind to see, the life I had to live

For I know the truth quite well and I did try to give

But people only want to see what they want to see

Whether another has told them otherwise, it makes them feel safe and brassy

But if they want to close the door to the truth that I have known, then forgive me as I close the door to those who had thrown the stones

I cannot live a lie anymore, I will speak the truth

But if you cannot bear it, then I’ll do so via sleuth

Yes my mind is broken, but the old me I’ve outgrown

A better stronger queen will emerge, for I have found my throne

So walk on by fake family, those who tried their best, to take me from my kindred and make my mind a mess

For I am not needful now, nor will I ever be

For I have found the people, who will set me free!



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