How I feel about Thunderstorms

Thunderstorms, although sometimes tragic are also very beautiful in my opinion; they are dark and they make wonderful patterns and colors in the sky as they’re forming.  The smell of the thunderstorm is wonderful, like the sea, you can taste the saltiness in the air and how quiet and still everything becomes in anticipation of its coming.  Such respect founded by all life in nature, like the suspense of a royal visit.

I love watching the show from my window, the lightning, the rain, sometimes the wind and how quickly the clouds rush in the sky; very much like a royal pass by, where it’s full speed ahead for the King or Queen of nature, make way, make way, with such deafening trumpeting processions following with it.

Then, everything goes back to normal quite quickly once the show is over; his excellency has passed, everything back to normal, nothing more to see here and as a gift for being so good, all the colors of our plants and vegetation becomes brighter and happier looking, like excited gossips within crowds.

If has been a particularly hot day before the storm came, you’d be thankful for the break in humidity after the visit too, I love to run around in thunderstorms, it gives me some kind of energy, probably from the electrical charges in the lightning – some people, particularly spirits and witches are very electric by nature, so will feel at one with the storm and regenerated after it.

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