chocolate and loyalty

With my chocolate I sit back and relax as it melts in my mouth

The cocoa is bitter; my fleece blanket wraps me warm

As I look out of my window at the raging storm

I smile as I am safe and snug, cuddle my knees with my arms

Smiling at my own thoughts of that gentleman’s charms

He was so nice and tender with me today

He gave me this chocolate for free

I refuse his offer to date me though

He crossed a boundary

For he knew that I was with another, though he’s out at sea

I may never see him again, that’s true, but he belongs to me

I am a loyal sort of girl, I say

And he just smiled at me

And now looking onwards at that storm

I hope my love is safe and keen to come his way back to me

Oh wild ravaging sea, protect him for little old me

I will thank you if you do

For my lad’s faithful to you




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