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My photography starts here

I told you I would get around to starting up photography, here’s some of my stuff – all taken around my home and garden; enjoy!

Green Henry 1 006

Green Henry 1 020

Green Henry 1 010

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I am a writer

I’m stupendous, that doesn’t mean I’m stupid

It means I’m spectacularly lucid in my abilities to create astounding images via words

Though madness to writers can become great hazards

I am embellishing little worlds in my mind

All of the time

I have the habit of stopping what I am doing to write more, ideas queuing, paper ever strewing across the floor

I am incessantly scribing the lives, losses, loves and findings of imaginary people, people who I am god to

This is what I do

I love to write, I love to draw, I love to strew paper across the floor, but even more than that I love, the eyes that look in awe

For I am a writer and nothing more




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there is a fat moon tonight

There is a fat moon tonight

Everything shines so bright

A glitter of stars across the sky

Quietness has come, I hear not a sigh

Midnight will be special tonight

A magical moment will fill us with light

A joy to be hold when the clock strikes twelve

And into the spirit world, people will delve

Finding their fantasies coming to life

In this fascinating world of nightlife

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Universal energy 1

There’s energy in the world right now or is it universal?

Everything is coming together, be it good or controversial

Something is amidst out there, something is very near

I’m unsure what it might be, but the feeling is quite clear

I do not know what it is, or what’s about to happen

But I am sitting on the edge, waiting for things to shapen

It’s a mystery and that is for sure, but it seems as if fate is opening a door

What will enter I do not know, will it stay or will it go?

Is it good or is it bad?

Is it sane or is it mad?

I hope things change for the better soon

I hope my feelings real

For if it comes to pass it’s not

Then I, insane will feel



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