to the voices in my mind

I’ve got your message loud and clear oh voices in my mind

I hear that you are coming to me

Oh wouldn’t that be divine?

But promises get broken, that’s what I’ve experienced

So I have learned to put excitement aside and become emotionally distant

You will find me at the library; you will find me in a mall

But you may find it hard to do this, as I hardly shop at all

Wednesdays and Fridays are the best days to catch me

But that’s only if you love to come to a town called Rugby

I usually get ten books a time and visit once a month

But I may change my habits

I sometimes walk by rivers to see wild bunny rabbits

I don’t mean to be a difficult catch, I am quite a hermit

But you can approach me if you like; I’ve given you the permit

Oh voices in my mind, how I wish you’re real

To finally know I’m not alone will be a jolly good thrill

But I am insane I fear, for I am talking to no one?

But I live in hope that you are really someone


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