Creeping cat vamp

I can whisper silently, my lips they do not move

You do not know it’s me who’s talking; I’m putting you in the mood

I watch you from across the club, sitting perplexed in stares

I burn into your eyes my will and I know that you’re ensnared

I cannot control my habit; I need your very blood

I need to feel you close to me; I need to hear your heart thud

I am hungry for this moment; I am hungry for more than that

I am hunting you my little mouse, I am the creeping cat

A memory of this night won’t come, when in the morning you wake

You’ll just know you slept alone and wrong, for your neck will begin to ache

You will dream of me from that point on, but never know I was real

I only take a little blood; I do not aim to kill

Thank you for this donation, I appreciate it much

I will see you again, I always keep in touch

But you will never know me; you will forget me in a beat

But that’s the way it should be, for I really need to eat

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