Headache in the office

Good morning, I have a headache

It seems to be regular

It’s such a nuisance, it’s such a pain

To wake up with a headache, it drains


Good morning, says your co-worker

But you want to punch them in the face

For being all so cheerful as the time was out of place


You can’t blame them for being happy

A headache makes you snappy

All you want to do is sit in quiet

But your female colleague goes on about her diet


Then the phone rings like a drill to your head

You sit and stare it at and then the rest of the day you dread

Ring, ring, twenty times an hour

And people wonder why you are bitter and sour


Maybe you should take the day off?

But you can’t because in this recession they’ll write you off

So on you plodder wearily

Wincing at every noise

Whether your colleagues like it or not

You’ll be a killjoy

For you have a headache, that you’ve warned them

So is it your fault that you scorn at them?

For laughing joyfully next to your chair

Thumping like a drum on your head, making you swear

It seems pointless to make them aware


Have you tried tablets your boss inquires?

It will help your headache to transpire

So you take those little white pills

And after an hour you don’t feel so ill

Your headache now gone, it has surpassed

But you sit back and wonder how long it will last?



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