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Comforted by madness

I’m falling into insanity

It’s like a chasm that’s opened up beneath me

It’s dark, with fragments of light

But there’s no hope

As I am endlessly falling

I’m not Alice

I won’t enter wonderland

I didn’t follow a white rabbit to get here

But things around me, they seem queer


Nothing makes sense when you’re around sane people

They’re quite mad you know?

You must choose your words carefully

For you don’t know which place they’ll make you go


I’m troubled by the sane people

They won’t let me play

With fairies in the garden

Or meditate all day


They won’t let me forget I live in a boring humdrum world

They get upset quite fervently if I relish in dream-world

So secretly I slumber on, in my own little place

Whilst locked away silently, so I do not cause disgrace


I am lost in my own little world, wrapped in my mind

But I enjoy it very much, solace in it I find






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Do I like roast beef or ham?

Some ask me who I am

I want to reply I don’t know

I thought I knew until I went

And I still don’t know where I went or where I now go

So I go with the flow

And they don’t accept it you know?

They want answers I can’t give

Because I simply don’t have a fig

I remember strange things

Things that make no sense

But I hope they’re true nonetheless

It would be recompense

For the life I’ve had

If I’m found again, I will be glad

Then I’ll know who I am

Am I lily or am I Sam?

Do I like roast beef or ham?

I know it’s getting silly now

But that’s my state of mind

And if you’re in any state to understand me

Good coz I’ve lost mine


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