Who’d of thought that buying a simple book from a charity shop could cause so many problems over the matter of five years?

I bought a book called “DRAGONLANCE – The cataclysm” and I didn’t realize until months later that it belongs to a massive series.  Thankfully I hoard books and didn’t bother to read it until six months ago, when lo and behold; I found its second book of tales but 5th in the series of these particular anthologies.

So I had to buy four more books before I could start reading them, so I thought, but then I found this website http://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Dragons_of_Autumn_Twilight_%28novel%29 and found out, no sweetie, its fifth book of those particular anthologies but there’s like twenty more before it.  So, as I am a person who likes to read things in sequence in order to build up a relationship with her fantasy characters, I am at a loss as to where to start reading; considering the dates are higgledy-piggledy.

So, if you are a DRAGONLANCE fan or if you were part of the team that wrote these books, please tell me how I can start reading them, thanks…

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