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Night Kinsfolk

As I walk into the valley of the shadow of death

I fear no evil

For evil is me

And I am it


Though darkness surrounds my very soul

I fear not the legends of monsters old

For I am a monster

And I am old


And though I seem fragile, dainty and weary

I am but an illusion

I am your confusion

My deary

I am strong, I am fierce and I never tire

For blood is my desire


I am the whispers of Carpathian folk

The night mistress of blood

With her vampire kinsfolk

I am they

And they are me

And together we will for eternity, be

As one



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A pot o gold for ye

Sliding down a rainbow, half wet and half dry

A little child leprechaun laughs on, passing by

A pot o gold, for ye

If you can catch me by the rye

You go after to chase him

But you’re too slow, you sigh

Laughing gaily at you

He forms a distant shape

He is smiling at you by the farmer’s gate

 A little luck just passed you

But you caught it not

For you complain it ran too fast and the day is far too hot

So why are you complaining

That luck has passed you by?

When you could have worked much harder

Now you live to strive

A little luck needs effort

This you’ve clearly been taught

Just don’t go thinking on

That life just gives you nought

For you need to meet fate halfway

For if you don’t you know well

That fate will throw things back at you

And it will cause you hell



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A slithery hand

A slithery wet hand touches your lifeless skin

She’s breathing into your mouth

Your life in shatters begins again

For this mermaid is no foe, but friend

A rare creature from the cruel sea

A rare mermaid has come to thee

She has saved your life, this time around

She’s kept your life all safe and sound

On the sandy shore you lie

You wake up and do not realise

How close you came to death last night

Nor who has relit your life’s shining light

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life that’s broken

Though my life is broken

I see happiness a token

I see the sun

In the glum

Oh yeah

I see it all

Oh I believe in something

Though it gave me nothing

In my chasm

I am fearsome

To fear I am the foe

I can’t sit here crying

Though I’m really dying

I see the light

I’ll be coming tonight

Oh yes I’ll miss you all

Hey life is full of trials

You’ll walk several miles

Through the pain

But you will gain

A new lease of life

Yes don’t sit there whining

For you will soon be dining

With the king

Without sins

In heaven

Some day

So listen to my ditty

And you’ll be sitting pretty

With me, and we will be free

In heavens dining room

So just sit there thinking

That one day you’ll be singing

The same old tune

As this loon

Oh yes, you will

Coz, though you disbelieve it

The heavens still decree it

That all men, despite their ken

Will rejoice together and make amends

So please do not worry

The heavens do not hurry

Your life rewards

Because you hoard

Materialistic things

So listen to this song now

And you will get through, some how

So take a glass and drink the last words of suffering


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Life is just cruel

What is the point of living when everyone wants a fight?

What is the point of talking if they don’t believe your plight?

What’s the point of contact, if you’ve nothing to say to each other?

What’s the point of talking if they won’t believe one and other?

What’s the point of life at all?

I’m at a lost, life’s just cruel.

All I want is a bit of peace

A little quiet in the least

Why can’t people let me be?

Why am I denied to be free?

Just leave me alone

That’s what you can do

There’s nothing to talk about

Just make do.

Let me ignore everyone from my past

So I can find my peace at last


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