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Woke up this morning with a really bad stiff neck, I can’t move my head, shoulders or twist my back to look behind me today, so writing is very painful.  I will push on though, but I am in two minds in having the day off.

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They say he is benign

My trials and tribulations pound at me with no rest

The sores within my heart cries out as it can’t ingest

The sorrows and the worries that come to me each day

I want to be free of all this sordid pain and play

I want peace, I want a life

I need this now or I’ll turn to the knife again,

Yes I said again, once I looked at the knife as a friend

I may again, yes I said again, but this time takes up its intent

And my soul will mend; yes it will mend, for it will no longer be imprisoned in this life

But I will have another life, if God is merciful and truly kind

He would allow this, he is benign

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