Hermit’s plea

I bear no resemblance to the common man

I am wild and free

Common man is not

It’s been the same throughout history

They blindly live their boring lives day in and day out

Under another man’s thumb

I am free, yet still they think I am just a bum

I sit here in my little hut made of twigs and leaves

In my little forest I am the only one I please

I may be a hermit, but a hermit’s life is good

Do not worry about me, nature brings me food

You have lost your freedom, sitting in your town

Allowing another to talk for you, usually a clown

You hope you have enough money to feed you and your kids

Whereas if you lived like me, to starve nature forbids

Collectively your weak, you need to learn to be strong

For living the way you do, you know it does nature wrong

Look at the world around you; look at what this life destroys

Stop treating the world like a rubbish tip, it is a not a toy

Treat nature kindly and with trust and you will see

All the treats she’ll have lined up for you and for me

Beautiful landscapes will return if we from cities leave

And we’ll sit back and watch the big men, crying and grieve

For they don’t look out for you, only themselves you see

They line their pockets with a lust for gold

And work you hard until you’re too old and really

Don’t you think it’s silly?

Living a life like that?

Get rid of money and live like a cat

Trust in nature

Grow with her

If you are cold

She’ll give you cotton or fur

If you starve she’ll give you plants and meat

And sometimes honey as a sweet little treat

Go to nature

Turn your back on man

Save our planet with all you can












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