Vocabulary improvement technique

A few weeks before Henry’s first birthday (Henry is my son) I started to think about improving my vocabulary for his benefit; so I started to read the dictionary and list all the words I am not familiar with and tried to teach them the best I could, whilst reading those new words out to Henry.  Something happened where I couldn’t continue to do this; I became very busy and stressed out with life in general and I didn’t get beyond AL.

Thinking back to when I did that, I think it would benefit me if I started to do that again, because I think I over use the same words again and again and that won’t get me very far will it?

So I have decided to start up a weekly challenge where I will choose 10 words I am unfamiliar with and use them as much as I can in poetry and my blog for that week. 

This should help improve my vocabulary.

So with this at the top of my current thoughts, the first 10 words will be;

Abate/Abatement/Abating – Make or become less strong, diminish

Aberrant/Aberration – Deviating from what is normal or acceptable (I am very aberrant then)

Abet – Encourage or assist (an offender usually)

Abeyance – in temporary disuse or gaping – to gape at

Ab Initio – From the beginning

Abject/Abjection – Miserable, wretched, degraded, despicable

Abjure/Abjuring/Abjuration – renounce an oath or an opinion or cause etc.

Abreast – side by side and facing the same way – up to date with

Abrogate/Abrogating/Abrogation – repeal, abolish (a law etc.)

Abscissa – Math (in a system of coordinates) shortest distance to the point vertical or the axis

I will find it very hard to include the word Abscissa to my work during the week, because I am not every well versed in math and I don’t completely understand it’s meaning even if I’ve read the dictionary clearly, so that will be left out.






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