Friday’s Hero ~ 5.31.13

The Warriors Art Alliance are looking for writers who are willing to write about American soldiers in either poetic, fiction or essay form. Deadline is 1st of July 2013, for more information please follow this link.

Notes from a Southern Kitchen

FRIDAY’SFor the last dozen years our nation has been at constant war.

Thousands of American citizens have been lost, billions of dollars have been spent and countless American families have been uprooted with deployment after deployment by their soldier loved ones.

The wars have taken a toll on our country that will be felt for generations to come.

As these wars now begin to draw down, the American dream has been lost for many returning soldiers.  For many of the soldiers returning from war, they put careers on hold to serve our country due to their service in the reserves.

While these men and women were at war in Iraq and Afghanistan, the business of their careers kept moving.  Promotions were lost, lay-offs enacted and families economic conditions were devastated.

Thankfully, some of our nation’s leading companies are stepping up to ensure that these returning soldiers have careers to…

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