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Friday’s Hero ~ 5.31.13

The Warriors Art Alliance are looking for writers who are willing to write about American soldiers in either poetic, fiction or essay form. Deadline is 1st of July 2013, for more information please follow this link. http://warriorsartsalliance.com/contest-call-for-submissions/

Notes from a Southern Kitchen

FRIDAY’SFor the last dozen years our nation has been at constant war.

Thousands of American citizens have been lost, billions of dollars have been spent and countless American families have been uprooted with deployment after deployment by their soldier loved ones.

The wars have taken a toll on our country that will be felt for generations to come.

As these wars now begin to draw down, the American dream has been lost for many returning soldiers.  For many of the soldiers returning from war, they put careers on hold to serve our country due to their service in the reserves.

While these men and women were at war in Iraq and Afghanistan, the business of their careers kept moving.  Promotions were lost, lay-offs enacted and families economic conditions were devastated.

Thankfully, some of our nation’s leading companies are stepping up to ensure that these returning soldiers have careers to…

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Vocabulary improvement technique

A few weeks before Henry’s first birthday (Henry is my son) I started to think about improving my vocabulary for his benefit; so I started to read the dictionary and list all the words I am not familiar with and tried to teach them the best I could, whilst reading those new words out to Henry.  Something happened where I couldn’t continue to do this; I became very busy and stressed out with life in general and I didn’t get beyond AL.

Thinking back to when I did that, I think it would benefit me if I started to do that again, because I think I over use the same words again and again and that won’t get me very far will it?

So I have decided to start up a weekly challenge where I will choose 10 words I am unfamiliar with and use them as much as I can in poetry and my blog for that week. 

This should help improve my vocabulary.

So with this at the top of my current thoughts, the first 10 words will be;

Abate/Abatement/Abating – Make or become less strong, diminish

Aberrant/Aberration – Deviating from what is normal or acceptable (I am very aberrant then)

Abet – Encourage or assist (an offender usually)

Abeyance – in temporary disuse or gaping – to gape at

Ab Initio – From the beginning

Abject/Abjection – Miserable, wretched, degraded, despicable

Abjure/Abjuring/Abjuration – renounce an oath or an opinion or cause etc.

Abreast – side by side and facing the same way – up to date with

Abrogate/Abrogating/Abrogation – repeal, abolish (a law etc.)

Abscissa – Math (in a system of coordinates) shortest distance to the point vertical or the axis

I will find it very hard to include the word Abscissa to my work during the week, because I am not every well versed in math and I don’t completely understand it’s meaning even if I’ve read the dictionary clearly, so that will be left out.






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Has judgement come?

I remember a time where animals and birds were abundant

I remember frogs and toads swimming in small pools of water

I remember clean water

I remember birds flying in the sky and trees green and full of life

I remember

I remember

They have all gone now because of man

Because of the terror wars that struck

I knew it when it began that it would do nothing for man

But man just didn’t give a fuck

This world is empty now

It is rare to see life

People who survived that age, knows now what strife really is

Why did we do it, I always quiz

There was excitement this morning when I woke

I saw the heavy rain fall

And amongst the long straw like grass I heard the low sound of a croak

A frog was peeping out of a dead oak

My, how my energy changed

Is this a sign?

Has nature arranged an amendment?

I hope so, because that means I’ve passed the judgement

And soon it will all be over

And paradise will come

And I will be even more, struck dumb

For those who don’t understand this poem; this poem is written by my future self, if an apocalypse has ever happened and if I would ever receive a reprieve.  So this poem is purely futuristic and fictional.


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nature by a window

Wasps munching on the wooden frame of my window

Bees singing their tunes

Pansies smiling gaily at me

Caterpillars in cocoons

I see all of this from my dining room

I watch them out of the window

By sunlight and by moon

Little bats fly past me

I hear the hooting owls

I see the moths chasing light beams

I hear the dogs that howl

This is what nature is

A bright and shining display

A wonder to bemuse you

Each and every day


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obscure existance

My mind is erratic

It is crazed by overload

My painful memories

They overflow

I remember some things

From when I was very young

Things that don’t make sense

They never happened, said mum

I remember a big house

I remember a fight

I remember dark men

Coming in the night

I remember quickly

I was ushered out the door

I remember other things

But it makes my heart quite sore

I know it isn’t clear

What I am trying to say

All I know is one thing

I have been led astray

I am searching for them

The memories I used to have

I am searching for them

The people who make me glad

Don’t ask me questions of how I know

Don’t ask me what I mean

I just know something’s

That’s never meant to be seen

I listen out carefully

For the gentle call

I hear you all so quietly

You’re barely there at all

I know you are there

Though only in my mind

If you are real please tell me

That would be very kind

Then I would know I do belong

In a world obscure

And accept you with opened arms I will

That you can be sure

I don’t do well in the world of men

I need my kindred souls

So find my sanity and bring it forth

So I can feel whole

Are you there?

Are you here?

Are you whispers in my mind?

Are you here and are you real?

Or am I stupid as well as blind?

Are you the voices of insanity?

Or are you really there?

Please come forth and tell me

If you really care

I am ready for that moment

Of when you come to me

To tell me I am right

That I am family

A human soul, that’s not me

A burden on society

I will take your hand in mine

And know that from that point on

I’ll shine

Give life to my fantasy

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