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Haiku 6

Some say

I’m slowly going around the bend

But I think I went quite fast

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From darkness I was born and darkness will set me free

Who dragged me into a world where I wasn’t meant to be?

Yes I know who I was and who I’ll be again

But until that day I will stay lost

Will there ever be an end?

Yes I know

There’s never a vampire alone

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Please let me see who I am

There is a journey in my head; will it lead me to life or death?

I can’t tell, but the path I’ve traveled was hell

I need space to become my self

As troubles are bad for my health

I need a way to express myself without fear

That someone is watching me, closely, near

I need that distance from those that cause me pain

Because it is them that drive me insane

I cannot live like this for long

I, myself is where I belong

Alone, if necessary

But free

For I cannot take any more you see

I need to find myself


Who am I?

Let me see


Let me





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Jelly beans


A mix of colors in my jar makes it seem I’ve captured rainbows

My sugary treats tastes so great, I hope that you won’t suppose that I’d share these with you?

My little sweet drops of dew?

They’re mine, all mine!

I will not share

Do not ask for one

Don’t you dare!

They’re my tasty beans

They’re my favorite treat

Oh hang on there, isn’t he sweet?

He can have one, but you cannot

Here you are my little tot

I’d better hurry up and eat the lot



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Fate sutures death

She’s a witch, casting spells in the night

I saw her dancing with the devil in delight

I saw her too, said an old rickety man

She gave me gout after she spat in a can

And I too, said another in the back of the court

She gave me fits now my face is contort

She took my babe, barely weaning too

And where he is, I’ve not a clue

Aye, I saw a babe in arms, killed by the devils charm

In yonder wood, I saw a fleeing from it a woman in a hood

There’s the witch, there, there

They pointed accusingly

All the fingers outstretched were pointing towards me

I was lynch mobbed and nothing I could do

Would save me from this preview

They were wretched and afraid

And very dismayed by the events unfolding in town

They knew there was a witch to be had, but she couldn’t be found

So it was me, the prettiest one

The one with long golden hair

I was the witch this time round

And whether I was innocent or not, they didn’t care

So I was took to the gallows and strangled to death

And just as I took one last breath, onto a fire I was thrown

Nobody cried that day for me, I died all alone

But there will be another girl someday in the near future

Whose fate will be the same as mine and fate will find her and suture her demeanor, until bad luck has ceased

Or maybe never it will cease

Maybe this will be a continuous flow of innocent murders by the townsfolk who think they are doing godly works

Instead they just act like jerks

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