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judging strangers

I am repeating this post…

Isn’t it strange to judge someone you don’t know at all?

Isn’t it stranger yet than many do befall?

Why do we sit and judge each other for our weight or skin?

Isn’t it sadder yet, when it is not a sin?

or is it?

you tell me…

Do your judgments imprison you or set you free?

Are you happy as you are?

Do you like your critics?

I’m sure you don’t.

But can you see?

You are the one that critiques me

If I told you the same, will you accept or go insane?

Who am I to judge I hear you say

But look at it another way…

I judge you and you judge me neither of us can be free

We’re both wrong yet we think we’re right

we set in our minds a bitter plight

we’re not happy with who we are

if we sit back and mock

be-careful of the words you choose you can’t turn back the clock

The person you’ve just hurt right there might be just the thing you need

someone that is useful and can help you in good deeds

The fat lady you call miss Spring is a nurse from intensive care

the red haired you tore to shreds works in psychiatric care

the four eyed git you slapped on the head night save you just from moments of death

so sit back and think…

Before you open your mouth and use your tongue make sure you’re attitude doesn’t stink

for you never know who they are, and what road you are on

the person you put down, might be the one who helps you grow strong

you never know your angels, you never know your guides

so don’t put down the strangers, just let them walk by.

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Poet's Corner

Purge the unclean
And stupid people
From this life
I want to see them

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Poetry challenge: Tanka poem.

Never heard of a tanka before, but tanka you for showing me what it is! 🙂 I will give it a try soon…

Poet's Corner

The Tanka poem is very similar to haiku but Tanka poems have more syllables and it uses simile, metaphor and personification.

There are five lines in a Tanka poem.

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Dear cacti

Oh how you prickle my fingers with your shards of needles

Cute little ball of fluff, dangerous to the very touch

How I like you very much

Dear cacti

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BBQ knees up

 A slice of lemon

A splash of water

Fill the cup with ice

Sitting in the garden

Feeling the warmth of the sun

Isn’t this all nice?


Little slices of cucumber, covering each eye

Lie back in the sun and hope summer never dies


Hearing children playing

Hear them in the water splash

Hoping that they’re happy

As summer is over in a flash


Read your favorite magazine

Put your feet right up

Your husband’s doing the dinner

A BBQ knees up





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Caw caw in the night


Caw, caw calls the Corvus birds of locale through the wet and windy night

Something has disturbed them, which has sent them into flight

Caw, caw their sounds seem scared

Afraid of what has come to them

Now they are despaired

Their little ones tucked up tightly in their warm and cosy nest

But it doesn’t save them, though the parents did their best

The owls of the night have come tonight

To take their babes away

For little owls need feeding

This is nature’s way

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