Bathroom Spider

There was a spider in the bath

Scratching it’s way to the top

But he kept falling back down

and it’s trying never stopped

I left a towel over the rail for it to get out

I hope it doesn’t find the bedroom or my husband will have to throw it out!

Next morning I found it, safe and snug

in a web it made

hanging over the bath, it looked happy it had made today

I saw it sitting there like a ninny

waiting for flies to catch

what a silly place to make a web I said to the spider

then a fly it snatched

it’s still there, now it’s evening sitting on it’s hearth

I hope it’ll be gone when I get back, it’s time to have my bath!

But no, dinner was done and it was still there, staring into a void

remembering that fateful day when it’s life was almost devoid

My husband I called to get it out, I need a restful bath

and now that spider has been evicted, I can rest at last!

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