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over thinking again

I am over thinking things again

About what I want to do

What I want to write next, I haven’t got a clue

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Misplaced sanity

Some people say they’d like to read my mind

But I warn them and say NO

You don’t want to go inside my head

That’s no place to go

You see I’m mad and disorganized and in my mind you’ll know

Horrors and abstract ideas are always on the go

So keep away from my thoughts

Keep yourself safe

For I am queer as queer can be and sanity I’ve misplaced

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wiser for the wear

The tyranny that was in my life

It caused me such pain and strife

But when I look back I can see

That it was a benefit to me

I am stronger for those events

I am wiser for the wear

But I wouldn’t turn back the clock

For it’s a life I do not care for




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