I am fading


My fading love

My fading dreams

How do I

Live without thee

I am lost

My heart

Is broke

I can’t see the future

I am blind

I can see

Only the misery

That you’ve left behind

What you’ve done to me

I am but a shell


My former self

I am a tragedy

Oh woe is me

O woe is me

O woe is me

Oh woe is this tragedy

My love is gone

I chant my sobs

Through the years

Can I be free?

Can someone free me?

I need you now

If you can

I need the light

I need a hand

I am falling

In misery

Drowning in



Hold my hand

Take me into the shining land

Make my heart find

Peace again

I need to be released and then

I can be

Full of life

This poem came to mind when I was listening to an instrumental piece by Brad Fiedel called “Spying” it came from my favorite movie soundtrack “Fright Night” the original movie.  The poem may not make too much sense in the style it is written, but I hope the words are profound.



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