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Daisy Chained part 1

Below is just a little snippet of fiction, this isn’t going to form part of a story or anything, this is just a taster of how my novels are structured, it’s only a few of paragraphs, but it gives you a fair idea.


I was waiting for him all night to come home, his evening shift kept us apart but at least it bought food for the table and our children didn’t starve.

It made me edgy every night, thinking of him coming home in the early hours, especially as this isn’t an ideal location, it has its problems as do everywhere, but the crime rate is much higher, I’m sure.

But I shouldn’t allow myself to be influenced by what happened to me last month under the pedestrian subway.

Our lives would have been more difficult if we had stayed on benefits, so I am thankful for this job, maybe soon we can move and get away from the area?

That would be nice, to get away from such haunting memories.  I see it right there, outside my window every day and every night… that subway should be closed off, it’s a gateway to hell I’m certain of it.

Such horrors I’ve experienced there, such demonic possession that takes a hold of people during the nocturnal hours, such a place should be bombed in by the hand of God.

It’s an unholy and unclean place.

A place where syphilis is set free from aching loins to torment unwilling souls with memories that will swell in them for the rest of their life.

That is my fate.

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Haiku 4

I am not in favor of execution

I do love my fellow man

I just can’t abide by how they treat this beautiful world, our land

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Haiku 3

In simple terms, humans are germs

Destroying a beauteous world

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Haiku 2

You are defined by your actions and your words

Will you be your best or be your worst?

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Haiku 1

Imagine a world

Filled with rainbows

Where blandness is new

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Phoenix revival

My soft feathers wrap me in a warm blanket filled with amity

They keep me warm

Soft silky and alluring

It is true my feathers are my friends and with them I shall fly

Fly to the place where the world never ends, then die

But I shall revive

From death giving ashes I shall thrive

From the coal black soot, I’ll be alive

Once more

As it is said, by folklore

This phoenix shall rise again

My friend

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I’ll kill the flies for you

So I am tiny and look at you, a big and hairless mess

I freeze in my corner in fear of you and yet you scream the best

I’m just a spider, leave me be – I’ll kill the flies for you

But you won’t, you’ll just hit me, you humans always do

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