Looking from above

I am happy but cold, in love though old and healthy despite my age.

I have often thought of the times that passed and my children who misbehaved.

I remember the summers I had when I was young and free, and although I sit and reminisce I’m as happy as I can be.

I’m not like others who sit and grieve when their lover passes by, I’m grateful for the memories and that is no lie.

I loved them so, and that is true, but we got old as we grew and there’s not a thing that we can do.

But I’m happy, they’re in a better place, their time it came quite well, for when it comes to their happiness I’m tolerant, and that is just as well!

Death, it comes to us all, and this is no morbid song, for this poem is the gift of life, when it’s lived for far too long!

So end your day in happiness and always filled with love, for when your lover leaves you, their looking from above.

This poem was originally posted on my old hub-pages account that I left abandoned about a year ago, just found it and thought I’ll put it up here, because tonight I got an email from hub-pages stating they’ve unpublished all of my work due to inactivity.

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