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Looking from above

I am happy but cold, in love though old and healthy despite my age.

I have often thought of the times that passed and my children who misbehaved.

I remember the summers I had when I was young and free, and although I sit and reminisce I’m as happy as I can be.

I’m not like others who sit and grieve when their lover passes by, I’m grateful for the memories and that is no lie.

I loved them so, and that is true, but we got old as we grew and there’s not a thing that we can do.

But I’m happy, they’re in a better place, their time it came quite well, for when it comes to their happiness I’m tolerant, and that is just as well!

Death, it comes to us all, and this is no morbid song, for this poem is the gift of life, when it’s lived for far too long!

So end your day in happiness and always filled with love, for when your lover leaves you, their looking from above.

This poem was originally posted on my old hub-pages account that I left abandoned about a year ago, just found it and thought I’ll put it up here, because tonight I got an email from hub-pages stating they’ve unpublished all of my work due to inactivity.

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A world of puppets

Click, click, clicking away at keyboard keys

Jab, jab, jabbing all day long at ease

Tapping, typing, online fighting

Trolling, scrolling, mind-controlling

Internet brain freeze


Every day I see it

Everywhere it is

Internet addiction

A world of computer whizz kids


Everyone neglected in a new and loveless world

Every baby howling for their mother but her reaction is unfurled

This is society’s nightmare, but they don’t see it yet

We’re plugged into sockets of mobiles handsets


We can’t keep on living in a brainless zombie world

We need to unplug ourselves from this heartless dream-world

Talking to strangers is an everyday thing

Yet twenty years ago it was baffling


Knowledge is the fruit of power but in this day it’s not

To cheat and look up online is very, very hot

You don’t need a brain anymore it seems

Just ignore your baby, blot out its screams


This is just what they wanted

The government that is

To have a world of puppets

A world where they’re not quizzed


Congratulations we have lost, the world we used to know

A world full of robots

A world of endless doze








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Oh Summer

The summer brings freshness to the air around us

A warm breeze that gets into the bones warming our insides and feeding us with drops of the sun

The rustle of the trees around me sing a tune of ancient songs

I am in love with this place

My love for it is strong

Oh summer, to deny me of your presence, is wrong

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restructuring my stories

When I am going through the thinking process of my stories I tend to hand write on notepads what I think is good, I can’t type ideas, nor remember them.  When I am actually writing I have to type them out as they come (if they’re new ideas) because my brain thinks too quickly for my hands, so having a 70 – 100wpm typing speed helps.

I am in the process of meshing together many ideas into one series of novels, similarly to “The Discworld series of Terry Pratchett” there will be many characters and many adventures on the same world, primarily because when my brain thinks about character I notice characters from other stories popping in from time to time and that will confuse readers, so, I felt that maybe it’s best to mesh all these worlds together so the readers can enjoy the diversity of the series.

My brain is too active and gets bored too easily to do these stories individually and the main reason why hardly any novel sized works have been done by me is because I can’t decide what to cut out, or what story to focus on from day to day, so last night I had this epiphany that I should mesh it all together, particularly because there’s many vampires, hunters and paranormal activity in a majority of my works, so it should work out well.

The problems that are occurring are time-frames, I am wondering whether or not the vampires should be time travelers, or whether or not to combine many centuries into the same century but having them as different cultures… this is a struggle to decide.  At first instinct I am inclined to suggest to myself that the many cultures idea would work better than time traveling, because it is a fantasy story, not a science fiction one, so anything can happen right?

If I am going to take this path in meshing all my previous works with new ones then the old works needs to be heavily revised to include the other works.  I was always afraid that my original work would flop due to the fact that my characters were living in the now, but occasionally were dressed in renaissance style clothing when socializing together, having to tell humans that they’re rather fond of historical parties as a way out of looking odd and drawing attention to themselves, whereas if I mesh these ideas and make centuries cultures instead it would work better.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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I love you I’m afraid

My heart flutters like a net filled with butterflies when you are near

My dear

My dreams are filled with hope when you walked into my life

I fear

You wonder why I said, what I said before, I am afraid of you, afraid you’ll walk out the door

It’s queer

But I’m afraid you’ll leave me, my dear…

This was supposed to have become a song, but I couldn’t think of anything else to add to this, so it became a poem.

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