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Dramatic life


You have dramatized your life so much that you are trapped within its tragedy

You cannot see clearly what you’ve done your life is seen as a rhapsody

I feel for you and your miserable life

I see every day you struggling against strife

But no, you say it’s not how it goes and I’m wrong, so wrong

But I see your life is a different song

One of pain, one of sorrow, one of violence will you live tomorrow?

Suicide and adultery, sex and drugs and treachery

This soap of yours I cannot live let me free from your movie script

Your life is a mess when it’s at its very best so please

Release me from your disease



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out of this pigpen

Like burnt wood my heart remembers a life of beauty, of radiance and fresh life that was pure

Untouched by your hand, untouched by man, living a life obscure

I was taken for granted back then, when I was untouched by men

I am taken for granted now and left to burn like a rotten sow

I’m not sure quite what happened, I know it was a sin

For my memories are hazed but you are there within

I am a shadow of my former self

I cannot be her again

I need to find a way to be, out of this pigpen

I have no idea what was going on in my head when I wrote this, don’t ask me what this poem is about because it’s obscure even to its writer ha-ha make what you will of it.

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my soul is stained

I am poisoned by the pollution of this world

It curbs my appetite for love of humanity

It stains my soul with anathemas that will damn me

I’ll burn in hell for what’s in my heart

My outlook on humanity is… dark

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