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current project (gargoyle in world war III)

8903447-gargoyle-statue-emphasis-on-face-and-eyes-with-a-dark-borderI am currently working on a short story about a magic gargoyle, this is based on world war III like the world never really moved on from being stuck in a 1940’s way of life, but with some technological advances we had in the late 70s.  I am unsure what category this story would be if it ever becomes a novel sized piece of work and published, I have no confidence in it’s structure so far, because it’s mostly dialogue and dialogue isn’t my strong point, in fact I think it’s my biggest weakness, so I am taking an enormous risk here.

I aimed for the story’s word count to be between 500 – 800 words, unfortunately it’s not even halfway yet and I have already done 596.

I think taking a creative writing course in September would help me immensely, because I would be able to receive feedback from other wannabe writers and they can help me hone in on my skills with dialogue writing.  Though I have heard from other people that these courses tend to shatter confidences, whereas blog writing builds you up.  I do like honest feedback, if I am showing a weakness somewhere I am prepared to talk it through and make my work better.  So any help out there, I’m ready to receive it!


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Sea winds

She whistles through the long night

Encircling buildings with her soul

A low humming she utters

Windy your friend says hello

I am here she whispers

Never fear my friend

Drifting through the world I am

Sailing like a ship that never ends

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mix of originality

I hunger to share with you songs and dreams

Although with some I may make you scream

Such horrors within, such joys too

Sometimes it seems I fool with you

Fantasy and horror, poetry and song

What a mix for you to read all nightlong

A tragedy here, a memory there

Will you take them?

Will you share?

Take your pick

I’ll let you choose

Which one to take and hold within you

My writing is for you to know

Something to embed within your soul

So carry them off and create your worlds

With a mixture of magic you’ve took from my pearls

Nothing is original, just differently said

Do you like the paradise that’s deep within my head?

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