Song of a spider

I sat and waited for days and weeks to entrap you in my net

My sticky threads of silk hold you, but I don’t want you yet

My last meal has made me sleepy; oh please don’t be too weepy

Your turn will come, be sure of that

You are the mouse and I am the cat

I’ll toy with you a little while, until I get bored

But eventually I will sink my teeth in you and bring your body discord

Your insides will burn; your organs will melt, when my toxins are through your veins

But you will feel none of this; you will not feel any pain

And then comes the weaving, I’ll wrap my silk around you

A little blanket to say sorry, but I have to bound you

I hope you understand my needs, you are my only food

But that is what you will get when you’re stuck in my neighborhood


Filed under poetry

2 responses to “Song of a spider

  1. excellent, i love the idea of the spider wrapping its prey in a blanket to say sorry, some good lines here, pal.
    kind regards, Baldy 🙂

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