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Widdendream nightmare

This photo is not my work

In my widdendream I scream although you hear it not

My head is close to bursting, or better yet rot

In my cage of clay walls I’m banging my head hard

This life I am living is just a safeguard

Or so they say


Safeguard from what?

Is he real I say?

Who they ask?

Mr Ted


He came into my bedroom and now he’s in my head

We all know he’s not real, or so the doctor said

But if he isn’t and you say I’m safe aren’t I being misled?

Instead I get no answers, another shot I get

A dose of dreamland to help me forget

But I don’t

Mr Ted

He is



I see him over there

Behind my mind’s eye, a memory of despair

I woke up again, still in the widdendream

But they do not listen

They only think I scream

But I am shouting HELP, HELP

Get me out of here

I cannot bare to stay here

Not for another year!

I don’t think I’ll ever leave

Here I’m meant to stay

And in my widdendream I hear him

Mr Ted wants to play…


This photo is not my work

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Song of a spider

I sat and waited for days and weeks to entrap you in my net

My sticky threads of silk hold you, but I don’t want you yet

My last meal has made me sleepy; oh please don’t be too weepy

Your turn will come, be sure of that

You are the mouse and I am the cat

I’ll toy with you a little while, until I get bored

But eventually I will sink my teeth in you and bring your body discord

Your insides will burn; your organs will melt, when my toxins are through your veins

But you will feel none of this; you will not feel any pain

And then comes the weaving, I’ll wrap my silk around you

A little blanket to say sorry, but I have to bound you

I hope you understand my needs, you are my only food

But that is what you will get when you’re stuck in my neighborhood


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previous post 1

I don’t think for one second that my previous post made any sense in the poem.  I was never happy with it.

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Locked Up

There were a few poems I wrote once and I added them to poetry.com I think this happened around 2003 to 2005 I can’t really remember, but anyway, I forgot some of those poems and I tried to access the website to find that they went under new management in the past couple of years and so deleted many poems that were once there and filed them away.  This site claims you can get access to your poems easily, but I haven’t the foggiest how to do it.

So, I am a little upset about that.

Well in any case, I remember one off by heart and here it is;

Locked up

You locked me up one day, many years ago, to become weak and to grow old

You never thought I could be free, you really thought you owned me

I’ve proved you wrong and I am right

You’ll not get me without a fight

For I am dead now, thanks to you

Free as a bird

Unlike you

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from the dragon let us run

I fly and feel the wind beneath my wings; it lifts me higher over the mountain tops

I see all the people under me, running like little black dots

Alas, they call, alas she’s come

From the dragon, let us run, let us run

I’m cool with them, I pay them no heed, but to harm me is their way, because of their greed

Ten thousand gold pieces for her heart, they cry

But I fly on, wondering why?  And sigh…


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Wind Chimes

Clinging, clanging, always banging

Wind pushes to-and-fro

Wood and metal always chiming

Hung above my door and lo

Wind chimes

Wind chimes

What music you do make

How I love your melody

It’s sweet like chocolate cake


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