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Dumbstruck with the violence of this world I linger on

Objecting to all the slaughter, I’m determined to right the wrongs

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May 16th

I am going through a lazy time, a time of rest and boredom

I cannot think to do a thing; I am wasting time and lonesome

My mind it is at a blank and I sit here watching a white screen

How long I’ve sat here I’ve not a clue, but I feel like I want to scream


I have tried some writing prompts, they have helped me some

But now I can’t find more of them, I am sitting here quite dumb

I need to just start writing and enter into a trance

Maybe I will write something if I just tap away at chance

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Don’t Just Be a Poet, Be MILITANT in YOUR Poetry

I agree, as poets and writers we shouldn’t change the way we write as individuals, because you can’t please everyone on this Earth, so please yourself. If you keep worrying about what other people think when you write, then you’re never going to get anything done, are you? You can’t please everyone all of the time!

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The Snow Goth

Have you ever seen snow upon seashells?

I have

I’ve seen the snow melt as the waves of the sea covered them like a blanket burning the frost

Have you ever wished the sea would ice over?

I have

A diamond path to faraway lands, where the sun shines endlessly on, exhaustively long, but weak

Oh how I would love

A forever winter where night chills the air

And a

A frosty landscape that freezes my hair

It would impassion my heart to see

A carpet of delicate ice confetti crushed beneath me

I dream of frozen seas

I dream of a frozen me

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the hailstorm

A shower of icicles fall from the sky, they’re like whips upon the skin

A hailstorm has approached the land all buildings we rush in

Nature is confused today; she doesn’t know what she wants

We just have to accept her temper and hide within a sconce      

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