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The water girl

I’m freshly covered in water, from head to my toes

Cool luscious water, where the sea flows

Stones gather around me, little pebbles too

I do not have the need to wear pretty diamante shoes

I swim all day prancing through the beautiful blue waves

To eat a crab or mussels is what this girl craves

Rock pooling in the shallow waters is everything I need

To keep me very happy and broadly journeyed

I rarely enter shallow waters, and rarer still the land

 For if I were ever seen I’ll be a made a spectacle of man


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pecking away at small morsels

When did your mind get so narrow?

We can’t all be thin like sparrows

Pecking away at small morsels

Living a life like that would be awful

Enjoy your food, enjoy your life

Do not add unneeded strife

Broaden your mind and let go of fears

Then you’ll enjoy happier years

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About poems…

In the last couple of days I’ve thought of great beginnings for more poems but I am finding it hard to make a complete poem out of them.  One to two sentences and I stop, so this made me wonder, is there such a thing as one line poems?  If so, how can I tell if I am unique in what I say or whether or not I am plagiarizing?

Also I haven’t read much poetry in my life, I don’t know much about it.  Is poetry still poetry if it doesn’t rhyme?  If so, how does that work?

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Damaged, my mind is

Remembering times of violence, a lot

Angry at my past for damaging my future – not

Suicidal and wishing I had another life?  Not anymore

Trichotillomania making your hair pull – sure

Irritated by yourself?  No I’m secure

Changed by your past?  Aren’t we all?

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