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The magic daffodil (poem)

A little ginger fairy, fluttering by quite weary, her eyes are heavy with tears

Curling up in a daffodil, she lays ever so still, crying away the pain of her years

Heartbroken she’s shudders, her morose heart flutters, drowning the flower in tears

When the daffodil spoke and said quite kindly, put the fellow behind thee my dear

The fairy fell asleep as those words were spoken, and like a spell her heart was no longer broken

Bright and awake the fairy leapt up, and flew away merrily

I sat and wondered about the flower and if it could do the same for me?

© Tina Cousins 2013





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Unproductive sorrows

I survive by talking, by writing and by games

I cope with all this sorrow, for it won’t give me gains

I cannot bare this sorrow, it’s unproductive much

I need to tell the world, they need to keep in touch

© Tina Cousins 2013


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A broken heart grows bitter

My heart feels hollow now, for what you’ve done to me

A broken heart grows bitter, with a loveless tragedy

My heart, I feel it cramping, am I going to die?

My life I feel I’ve wasted, living in your lie

Why could you not be honest?

You’re killing me

Now I sit in wait, for my mind to set me free

© Tina Cousins 2013

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Thank you Erin Cooper!

Thank you Erin Cooper for creating a beautiful banner for my site, you’re a wonderful artist and I enjoy all your works, once again, thank you!


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graveyard gardens

Dank and dreary, never weary to a Goths mind-set

Graveyard yearning, never discerning little gardens kept

Black with roses, and purple posies, little shades of night

Bring them to me, and I’ll let you see, my face in upturned delight

© Tina Cousins 2013

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