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Paradox weather and profanities

Today I wrote a poem whilst sitting outside in the playground area of my son’s stay and play group and within it; I’ve done something I dislike.  I swore.

I, as a rule, don’t like swearing and people are instantly shocked whenever they’ve heard the odd time where I have used profanities.  In all my work, poems, songs, stories I find it very hard to make my characters swear, no matter how vulgar they might be as personalities. 

I understand that swearing makes some characters come alive so it’s something I’ve got to overcome if I want to be a writing success, particularly as I liked the poem I wrote today – but I would probably never attempt to get it published, so here’s me, making a BIG step and posting it up here.  SHOCK!  HORROR!


Warm and sunny, yet wet

Sometimes cloudy, it gets

Paradox weather like this makes me think God’s taking the piss

© Tina Cousins 2013

OK, the swear word used is very mild in comparison to what I could have put, but as I said, I usually avoid maledictions at all costs, not because I’m posh, because I am far from it.  I come from a mixed Cockney and Essex working/middle class background, I just find it too much effort to go ranting, raving and weaving words into my sentences which aren’t needed, also, perhaps I do it for the respect it gives me.  People tend to respect people more if you don’t profane.

Though, to be honest, when people find out I am from a Cockney/Essex background they think, yeah right, mainly because my grandmother actually paid for me to have some elocution lessons when I was younger to help with my speech problems originally.  I used to stammer something rotten and I don’t know how I managed it but I got rid of my lisp too, especially when mum got me additional speech therapy sessions done intensively for two years (three sessions a week).

The problem with that is, the rest of the family never takes you seriously, because they consider you posh or trying to make yourself better than them, when in fact, it’s them encouraging it.  Ha-ha.

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