Writer’s block or procrastination?

Or they give you different sides to every story that you can't decide to follow.

Or they give you different sides to every story that you can’t decide to follow.

I was reading about writers block the other day and it amused me to think that people actually believe in that as an excuse for not doing any writing work.  For me, it’s just an excuse to procrastinate and I was glad to find that I wasn’t the only person who felt this is a procrastinator’s key reason for doing nothing, ascribblersdreams also felt that it is from people who’ll never actually become what they aspire to be, because they do not think of ways to help themselves out of the blockages.  http://ascribblersdreams.wordpress.com/2013/04/16/the-one-about-writers-block/

You are either a writer or you’re not.  A writer writes because they love to, they can’t help it, it’s their life’s breath, you always find ways around doing what you want to if it’s your passion, no amount of blocks will prevent that.  A passionate writer usually has hundreds of ideas going at once, those ideas can totally overtake your brain and put it into creative overload, that for a time can prevent you from doing your work effectively, but there are ways around that.  You can create ways in which helps you to decide what you’re going to do at the time.  For me, I write small ideas down on a piece of paper, screw the paper up into a ball and put them amongst hundreds of others inside a box, I randomly pick one out during one of my creative overloads to help me focus.

How do I choose what ideas go into that box?  Simple, I think up random scenarios and hope they work, mostly they fail, or lose confidence in what I’ve done and throw it away – but that’s the problem with us writers, we never think we’re any good, that’s why you must ignore your inner critic and share your work with people at creative writing classes, they’ll be brutally honest with you about what you’ve done.  Friends and family, bless them, they’re there to support you no matter how rubbish you are, so ignore them.

Another thing, don’t concentrate on earning money with your stories, remember, you’re writing because you love it, and writers don’t get a lot of money generally, it’s a very competitive market, so if that’s your incentive give up writing or give up the idea of money.

For me, it’s far easier to write poetry and songs than actual stories, but that’s a cop out on my part.  I have been asked once to allow a poem of mine to be published into anthology for new poets, but because I was the worlds worst procrastinator, I didn’t read my e-mail in time to accept and send my poem to the actual publisher.  I used to read my e-mails about once a month, simply because I never thought anything good would be posted to me and I joined a poetry website, added a few poems thinking they’re complete rubbish (but obviously they weren’t… well at least one wasn’t) so I’ve learned a valuable lesson there and ever since I am paranoid about reading my emails at least twice a day ever since!

Learn from your mistakes, check your e-mails everyday for that elusive mail and more importantly, juggle your ideas if you’re the type to get “writer’s block”.

As AScribblersDreams says, don’t be the posh word for lazy !


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5 responses to “Writer’s block or procrastination?

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  2. Grace

    Putting ideas on a paper, crumpling it up and then putting it into a box sounds like a great idea for when you’re feeling “blocked”! I really liked how you described writers as well. “You are either a writer or you’re not. A writer writes because they love to, they can’t help it, it’s their life’s breath, you always find ways around doing what you want to if it’s your passion, no amount of blocks will prevent that.

    Lovely post and thanks for linking me in it. 🙂

    • Thanks. I found your post earlier and it inspired me to give my two cents on the subject.

      I personally find that I have a few days every couple of months of being bombarded with ideas for new stories or poems, as you can imagine, you simply don’t have enough time to follow them all through, so I try to remember what I have thought up by adding small notes to that box. Sometimes I totally forget the original idea, but other times I am like “aha, that’s a great idea, I forgot about that” or sometimes I mistakenly think my own ideas are books I’ve read somewhere down the line and have been frantically trying to find what the book was, only to discover it doesn’t exist yet. I’m weird.

      • Grace

        I don’t think that’s weird at all. 😛 I get inspired by random things and the idea is usually for some long term and “epic” novel idea that I would love to pursue but I’m working on other projects. So an idea box sounds brilliant. Keep writing! 🙂

  3. Janette Thompson

    Enjoyed reading this, look forward to another blog.

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