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Enshrouded in brassy tones, you stand with many or you stand alone, you were once covered in soft sweet smelling leaves of emerald green, now they’ve turned crisp and are falling from your strong old eaves.

A ragged blanket of golden and brown hues covers the landscape as summer’s excused.

Nights grow longer, soon winter will come, the blanket renewed, landscapes benumbed.

But for all that it’s worth, it is temporary, a fleeting display, always contemporary, it puzzles us so with each coming year that the beauty seems new yet it always appears.

Autumn is lovely, winter is too, spring is much better but summer is too.

Our seasons are cherished, we love them so much, and how can we have malice, when our hearts they do touch?

Seasons are our gifts, enjoy them while they last, for seasons they come and go forever, quite fast.

© Tina Cousins 2013

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Flamboyant Winter

The flamboyance of winter, the buoyancy of snow, falls through the ether in a wintry glow.

Ice shards a plenty like diamond banners covers all crevices

The white fragile wonder crushed underfoot, freezes my breath and brings to others a quickened death

Some say the world dies when snow arrives, but for me it comes alive, it brings life

For when the snow is gone, freshness of nature comes fully alive!

This is a litany to the snow, my misty, mystic, graceful show

How I watch in wonder to see, all the things that frost can bring

Webs of glass and footprints of birds, an ushered silence is much deserved

For with snow I have reverence and deign, to wait for it to return again.

© Tina Cousins 2013

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The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey

I read this about a week ago, it was the last novel I had the pleasure of finishing and I rated it 5 stars on goodreads.com

The story is a modern and westernized version of a Russian fairytale called Snegurochka where an elderly couple, alone in the Alaskan wilderness longs for a child of their own and it seems as though by magic one appears from the snow, but they were not allowed to be too close to her.

It is a strange and compelling relationship and a very endearing powerfully emotional tale.  The characters are strong and wonderful, the type of people that make me smile and seem very real, in fact sometimes this novel can bring home some horrendous realities based on human survival and the harshness of our economy.  This novel was based in the 1920s and you can definitely see that the author has done her homework on that era.

I suggest this as a must read for anybody who loves reading about descriptive landscapes, stories based on snow, hunting, childless couples, innocence and magic.  This will also suit people who are interested in the Baba Yaga as she is mentioned a few times, this also has some Russian characters which can also feel enchanting to some too.

This story does not suit people who cannot take gory details, particularly of hunting, this is a definite no-no for those who cannot bear to hear of any animal being killed, though these hunting descriptions were mostly based on survival and food as opposed to pleasure or the fur trade, I understand it can offend some.

Generally I loved the story, it was magical in every sense and unlike other stories it went in the direction I wanted it to all the way until the end, then the end left me speechless.  Let’s hope it does the same for you.

Tell me what you thought of this story.

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